Our Company


The DE-KOS L.L.C. with headquarters in Prishtina is a newly-founded building company which aims to implement new building projects in the Capital City with much power and momentum. The main focus of our family enterprise is to construct all kinds of residential and office buildings – ranging from small individual houses to constructing large building complexes.


Our long-standing experience in the field of constructing the real estate in Kosovo has provided us valuable experience and information in this area, facing the challenging fact that not a single estate agent can really know all the varied market conditions throughout the Kosovo. Therefore, we focus our work on the region of Prishtina where we thoroughly know the prices, risks and possibilities in our area and deal fairly with our clients.


We are reliable and transparent in our dealings with our clients. DE-KOS L.L.C. stands for quality, trust and modern engineering performance.






„DE-KOS“ sh.p.k.

Kalabria e Re, Rr.: Rexhep Krasniqi,

Objekti 1228-1, Nr.: 24

10000 Prishtinë, Republika e Kosovës

Tel.: 00377 44 317 808


eMail: info(at)de-kos.eu