Welcome to DE-KOS L.L.C.


High-quality housing and business opportunities near the City Centre

Here you can easily find the right home for your family.


This is a safe and reliable way to your new home.

Our Business Philosophy


The key elements of our philosophy are quality and close cooperation with our clients. You can always be sure that we – being your dependable and value-oriented partners – reliably represent your interests throughout all the stages in implementing your building project.


Our partnership has more facets than just close cooperation with our clients. Our staff in DE-KOS L.L.C. is a perfectly close-knit team whose members complement each other and above all pursue one objective, i.e. to attain higher efficiency and economy for the benefit of our clients. In our company, experience and the spirit of innovation are perfectly blended.


In our team we employ both: experts with a long-standing deep knowledge of the branch, and all-round, practically experienced, young dynamic personnel with new visions and horizons. Thus, we can draw on a rich mixture of knowhow that is rarely found in this branch of business and which especially redounds to the benefit of our